Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ISEA: Day 10

After a morning chores, the participants got together with Sister Georgie Blaeser and Sister Margo Morris to write seven short one-sentence reflections about their experience here at Sprout Creek Farm. The participants then read their reflections out loud and compiled them into a book of poems. 

Later on, the participants read their reflections to the counselors and gathered for the closing fire. Around the fire, the participants sang their favorite songs along with the counselors and roasted marshmallows. 

Here is a video with all of the participants reflections:
Here is a link to ISEA's Flickr:

Monday, July 18, 2011

ISEA Day 9

After morning chores the camp gathered once again for another field trip, except this trip was to the Greenway Environmental Service Service and the Hudson Bridge Walkway. The Greenway plant is a private company that is geared towards being a large scale composting company that works towards Zero Waste and Bio Filtration Systems (giant composting facilities). At the plant, Shabazz Jackson gave a tour and educated the participants on what exactly goes into a large composting plant and the politics that are behind making and sustaining one.

Once the tour had been completed, they all piled back onto the bus and drove to the Hudson Bridge Walkway. At the bridge the participants ate lunch and then took a stroll over the once railway bridge.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ISEA: Day 8

The participants broke into groups and took part in creating a Utopia. They created what they thought a sustainable society should look like, act like, and have. After creating their Utopia, the participants shared their Utopias.

Later on, the participants went on a Night Hike around different grazing fields to see the sheep and the dry cows. They also had the opportunity to see other grazing fields that were being regrown to graze.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ISEA Day 7

Upon completing their morning chores, the participants once again broke off into groups but this time they each read a different article about the environment and then presented them to the rest of the group as if they were newscasters.

After lunch the whole group got together and walked to the local blueberry farm to pick fresh berries for dinner and breakfast and they were "the best blueberries I have ever had" as one participant put it.
Eilish and Haley hanging out before leaving for the berry farm

Friday, July 15, 2011

ISEA: Day 6

Corn harvested during morning chore
After the participants finished their morning chores, they finished the compost projects (building worm bins, the new compost facilities, and painting the signs for the market). The participants then went on a Burma Shave walk.

The Burma Shave walk helped the participants enjoy the beauty of nature and learn new things about it. The Burma Shave signs were posted all around the farm and each sign was a guided reflection. After the Burma Shave walk, the participants watched their Six Word Memoirs Video.

Six Word Memoirs are little anecdotes that are only six words and they sum up what participants did every day.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

ISEA: Day 5

All day In between chores, all of the Green Teens and Network participants were split up into seven groups to create outfits for a fashion show runway made ONLY of recycled materials.   Each group got to have one of seven materials to make the base of their outfit. Then, the groups got to pick two more smaller materials to help bring the outfits together and make then unique. 

"fashion show was fun!"
"great way to relax and be creative"
"was really fun, excotong, and earth friendly"

Costume made from grain bags and bubble wrap
Costumes made from cardboard cereal boxes and garbage bags
Costume made of a cat food bags, inspired by the cute kitties on the farm
Costume made from newspapers
Costume inspired by Mardi Gras and European fashion made from the ads in the newspaper
Tribal costume made from garbage bags
One of two costumes made of paper bags
Second of two costume made from paper bags

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ISEA: Day 4

After completing chores this morning, the participants once again worked on the new compost system and taught the day campers about how worm bins can be used to reduce waste and create great soil for gardens.  Many loved teaching the day campers about the worm bins, especially.

Then, for the afternoon activity, a woman from Cornell brought two large barrels and other supplies to teach the participants how the create rain barrels.  Rain barrels are use to collect rain water that falls from the sky and off of roofs, which can be used later on to water plants in gardens.  First of all, the best and most nutritious water for plants is that which falls from the sky, unlike the water from the pumping system which usually contains chemicals to kill off things harmful for human consumption.  By saving water for plants in a rain barrel, one can reduce use of water from a pumping system, while giving their garden a healthy drink!  One participant mentioned, "Rain barrels would totally work at home and be a great thing to use.  They could possibly save money on water bills since rather than using drinking water from a faucet for plants, one would have the ability to utilize nature's awesome qualities."